108 Yoga Teachers is a movement created by the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival, Shawna Schenk. This special festival occurs once a year in San Diego offering nonstop yoga and holistic healing classes  to thousands of people for four days. The festival is a beach front event, located 3 miles from the Mexican-American border. While it seems some are trying to build a bigger wall, Shawna's vision was to celebrate humanity and use this festival as an experience to offer others the opportunity to come together, work on themselves, and take down the walls of fear that so often live around our hearts.


Because of the festival, Shawna has received countless messages from past attendees saying how the festival has profoundly changed their life giving them courage, strength, happiness and joy (for this is what yoga brings).


Some shared they have:

  • left relationships they were scared to leave for years

  • checked themselves into rehab centers to face and beat addictions they have been battling for decades

  •  gotten themselves off of prescription drugs for many aliments including depression and anxiety

  • lost weight

  • experienced an increase in abundance, health, happiness

  • made new friends/relationships/met new yoga teachers that positively influence their life daily

  • found their purpose/calling in life

  • had their business supported and increased revenue 


Many attendees became yoga teachers and now pass the gift on to others throughout their community. The festival has and continues to do huge things to better this world.  In 2018, the festival will set a world record having 7,000 AUMING together. Research shows that 7,000 people meditating together cuts world terrorism by 72%. 


Shawna is also the founder of her own San Diego Yoga and Reiki Business, Yoga With Shawna. Through this business, she has taught thousands of classes, certified hundreds of people in various styles of yoga and Reiki, created a free beach yoga movement that has given over 1,000 classes to her community (and this movement  continues to give 10 classes a week for free ever day) and has authored the published book, Yoga With Teen. 


 Years ago, driven by a strong gut feeling, even though she felt like an under-dog (who could barely do a downward dog!) and had not much money to her name,  Shawna emptied her bank account to take a yoga teacher training. Imagine if she didn't take that risk...


As a yoga teacher trainer, Shawna knows so many inspiring people want to be yoga teachers and healers, but cannot afford a training. For the past few years, San Diego Yoga Festival in collaboration with Yoga With Shawna have donated over $11,000 in yoga and Reiki scholarships from their own pocket. Inspired to make a bigger change, Shawna has now started this movement: 108 Yoga Teachers. 


Every year she will raise $88,000 to fund 108 new yoga teachers in this world.


More yoga teachers means the opportunity for more health, wellness, and peace in this world.  108 Yoga Teachers is asking anyone and everyone to come together and help Shawna to continue to fund future yoga teachers and healers.


This movement also helps support the businesses of righteous people. Being a grassroots business, Shawna also knows the power of synergy and working together (over competition). She deeply respects any holistic business having the courage and strength to put a business out there that brings LIGHT to the world. For this reason, 108 Yoga Teachers celebrates their sponsors: the featured businesses who have donated a product in our Give Back, Get Back Campaign. 

 In connection with the true laws of karma, for everything you give you receive. As a thank you, any donation over $20 will receive a gift from one of our featured sponsors. Check in often with our website as our sponsors and featured gifts change, and there is no limit on how many donations you give. 

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